You might be wondering, who is this “Joe” guy, and what does he know about Internet marketing?

Despite this starting out sounding like some sort of dating profile, here’s a bit about me and my background.

Joe Russell, Marketing with Joe

My name is Joe Russell, I’m a successful, full time Internet Marketer and product developer with more than twenty years experience.  I don’t hold any degrees in marketing, business, sales or computer tech and I didn’t graduate high school.

Everything I have learned about Internet marketing, affiliate marketing and product creation has been self taught with the help of various online training materials and following other marketers.

I didn’t start out wanting to be an Internet Marketer, my first go at making money online was designing simple websites.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization), was also in its infancy when I began and since it fell inline with what I was doing, I totally immersed myself in it.

I read everything I could find on the subject (which wasn’t much back then).  At the time I didn’t realize how big of a part SEO was going to play in my future success.

Today I’m mainly involved in research & development of new products in the affiliate marketing industry. SEnuke also keeps me on my toes monitoring all things SEO.  if you’re not familiar with SEnuke, its a hugely popular automated SEO software that a friend & I developed, then launched in 2008.  It’s at the top of the side bar over there ==>

SEnuke is still going strong today with another amazing new version planned for release late this summer, but you didn’t read that here. If you want more on my background and how I got started, just click on “Joe Who” in the top menu.

This isn’t my first personal blog, there have been a few other versions in the past but I didn’t give them the attention a good blog needs, for awhile I just used joerussell.ca for email.

My previous blogs were just kind of there to say “Hey I got a blog too”.  I didn’t have the time to dedicate to a blog because I was way too busy traveling and enjoying life…sometimes a little too much.

I’ve slowed down, a little bit any way and I’m still enjoying life, but now with a new set of goals. A part of one of those goals includes having this blog and keeping it alive with more than an update once every year or two.

Heres what you will get from “Marketing with Joe”

Well, right now, not a whole helluva lot 😉

Were just getting started!  But if you “Bookmark or “Favorite” this page you will find something new almost every time you come back.  My goal here is to share tons of amazing stuff with you on many aspects of Internet Marketing at all levels, beginner to advanced, that you can actually put to use and make money online with.

The Affiliate Marketing Training section will be my current focus as it is a wide topic that encompasses many other important aspects of online marketing and it’s also how most people begin trying to make money online.  This training will be more on the beginner to intermediate level but I’m sure that even advanced marketers will find some of the info useful as well.

If you want the advanced stuff, your going to have to pay dearly for that by giving up your email 🙂 All kidding aside, I will be sharing some advanced marketing topics on this blog, sprinkled here and there, but the stuff I share with my subscribers is most valuable.

You can also find the most informative value packed Internet Marketing webinars and scheduled live events by clicking on “Webinars and Events” from the top menu.

Attending live events is a great way to network with other like minded marketers and make connections.  If you happen to miss a live marketing webinar or event that I have listed here I will post a replay or recorded version for you if available.

So hang on tight while I get this place set up it won’t take long to fill up with some really great content.