Joe Who?

Welcome to my blog, here’s a little bit more about myself .

Born and raised in Northeast Maine I moved to New Brunswick, Canada in the 1990s with my now ex wife, 5 year old daughter and our cat. Things were rough but I managed to find work before what little savings we had, dried up. 

Becoming an online entrepreneur was not even a thought in the remote corners of my mind.  Especially with no previous marketing experience, barely computer literate and with no high school diploma.

It wasn’t until around 1996 that a friend introduced me to the internet and convinced me that I needed my own computer (probably because he got me hooked and I was constantly at his house).

I took his advice and got a used $2600 PC on credit, telling myself it would be good for my daughter to have one as a way of helping me justify the expense.

I had no idea how much this one decision would affect my life!

By 1998 I had taught myself website design, server management and also started learning SEO which was a fairly new concept back then.

I actually starting offering SEO services before it was popular and my website clients didn’t even realize it at the time.  I needed to do testing on real life examples, I knew that nothing I would be doing would negatively affect their websites but the outcome could possibly be really positive…and it was.

Because of the results I was getting for clients it didn’t take long for referrals to start coming in and for the business to really take off!

But then, in 1999 Clickbank came onto the scene, here’s what it looked like…

Because of the success I was having with SEO, I began dabbling with affiliate marketing. I mean, all I had to do was create a simple website and get people to it by having it at the top of search engines. Since I was already doing this for clients I thought I would give it a shot.

While almost every affiliate website I created made me some money, the first product I promoted that made me a significant income was a Y2K bug fix.  I made a boat load of money promoting that one product, so I then decided to begin focusing more of my time on affiliate marketing.

I put together a small team to handle all the web service work for clients while I only did their SEO. This freed up more of my time for affiliate opportunities and I took advantage of having a team by using them to help set up my affiliate websites.

For about five years I was heavily involved in affiliate marketing, not just with Clickbank but I had also managed to negotiate exclusive affiliate deals with a few mid to large size companies which was extremely rewarding.

In 2006 I released my first “how to” ebook on getting started making money online called “Joe Russell’s Essential Guide to Online Profits”.  This ebook done extremely well and helped me to gain recognition in the industry as an expert in many areas.

Because of that e-book and through a lot of hard work, time and effort I had managed to grow my annual marketing income to nearly seven figures.

Just when I thought I had reached the pinnacle of my success a new opportunity magically presented itself…

In 2007 I met Areeb Bajwa in a popular marketing forum. He started a thread about a new software he had developed that would auto-post content to various article directories.

He was asking for help to get this software out to the Internet marketing community, but with no marketing experience he wasn’t sure how to go about it.  While others didn’t show much interest, I decided to reach out to Areeb to see what he had as I was already using web 2.0 properties in my SEO strategy.

I could see serious potential in this software if the other SEO strategies I was using at the time could be programmed into it.  I offered to share my strategies, do all the marketing at my expense as well as leverage industry contacts to launch this project.

SEnuke 2008

We entered into a Joint Venture agreement and created the first Automated SEO software released as SEnuke in 2008.  To this day SEnuke is still the most popular software of its kind with SEnuke TNG being the latest most powerful version.

Am I still doing affiliate marketing?

Even with the continued success of SEnuke, I am still quite involved with affiliate marketing as a network affiliate, JV and also as a product creator.

I’ll probably never stop, its a great source of income that doesn’t require my constant attention. Most of my affiliate marketing efforts today revolve around JV promotions but I do have a few Amazon and Clickbank affiliate sites that do really well. I won’t let a good affiliate opportunity pass me by should one present itself.

Other than affiliate marketing, I also keep up to date with other aspects of marketing like SEO, social media, traffic & lead generation, conversion tactics, sales processes etc.


I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that in February 2019, I will be releasing something really special that I have been working on for quite some time.

I’m not going to give away any details right now but I will tell you there’s nothing currently available that even comes close to what this will offer you.

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