JV with Joe

What exactly is a JV?

A JV or “Joint Venture”, depending on the industry, can mean different things.  In the Make Money Online niche a Joint Venture is usually an agreement between a product vendor and a marketer where the marketer agrees to promote the vendors product to their subscriber base.

This isn’t much different than a standard affiliate agreement…

However, Joint Venture status is usually only given to established marketers with a sizable subscriber base and a solid past performance of bringing in lots of sales for other vendors.  Because of this JV’s are always offered higher commission rates than an affiliate which could be anywhere from 50% to 100%.

Another type of Joint Venture is where two parties agree to come together to accomplish an end goal.  SEnuke is a great example of this type of Joint Venture.

In 2007 I met Areeb on the Warrior Marketing Forum, he had made a post regarding a new script he had developed that would post content to web properties.

He was looking to get this out to the Internet marketing community but as a skilled developer he had no marketing experience.  While others thought nothing of his post, I contacted Areeb to see what he had as I was already using web 2.0 properties as part of my SEO strategy.

I could see serious potential but only by programming other strategies I was using into what he had developed.  I offered to share my strategies, do all marketing at my expense as well as leverage industry contacts to launch this project for a majority ownership.

There are lots of variables involved in this type of Joint Venture Partnership that must be taken into consideration before an agreement is made. These types of JVs can be quite lucrative for both parties when each person can bring serious value to the project.

If you have a JV opportunity where you would like me to promote your product to my subscriber base or if you have a project that you would like me to consider collaborating on please take a moment to complete the form below.

Also, please understand that as much as I would love to help everyone out, I have to be selective due the amount of JV requests I receive, however, I do read and reply to all requests.